Knowledge Management Workshop

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Including maintenance management case examples

Time: 10am – 1.00pm

The workshop is being funded by the Lean Water & Energy Skillnet through the National Training Fund of the Department of Education and Skills.

The Lean Water & Energy Skillnet is a national training network of large water & energy users across Ireland. It is managed by Central Solutions Ltd on behalf of member firms. Members have access to range of subsidised training events. The network’s flagship Lean Utilities Programme delivered in conjunction with the University of Limerick, provides accredited Lean training combined with project delivery and mentoring. Full details of all training programmes can be found at

Workshop Background

Tacit knowledge and knowhow is inherently difficult to manage, it is derived from experience and can be hard to explain or to write down. As a result is not as easily available to organisations when the person is absent. It is often lost to an organisation when an experienced person retires or leaves. This is true of many functional areas in the Pharmaceutical sector including maintenance management and IT. The challenge for organisations then is to capture and leverage that knowledge for competitive advantage.

Participants in this training workshop are free but limited and on a first come first served basis. Attendees need to reserve in advance by email to Skillnet Register or click the button below and fill out the form no later than 19th of February.

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Learning Outcomes

Having successfully completed the workshop the participant will be able to:

  • Articulate the concept of tacit knowledge and its importance in pharmaceutical manufacturing and maintenance management settings
  • Identify and evaluate the drivers of and barriers to knowledge sharing, seeking, capture and access within their organization
  • Propose interventions for their organisation to improve its tacit knowledge readiness


  • What is tacit knowledge?
  • Knowledge sharing, seeking, capture and access
  • Measuring tacit knowledge readiness
  • Case Study: Reducing mean time to repair in a manufacturing setting
  • Drivers of and barriers to tacit knowledge sharing, seeking, capture and access
  • Organisation interventions to improve performance

Workshop delivered in conjunction with the Knowledge Insights Inventory at the University of Limerick.