Corporate Water Stewardship Workshop



Challenges, Solutions and Case Studies from the EPA’s Large Water Users Community of Practice

Workshop Overview: 11.30am to 12.45pm

During this interactive session, delegates will have the opportunity to review corporate water stewardship trends, challenges and policy developments as well as learning from the experiences of peers in the development and rollout of practical water management solutions across industrial sites such as Guerbet, GSK, Vistakon, ABP, Boston Scientific and many others.

Topics Covered

  • The Case for Corporate Water Stewardship
  • Energy Management versus Water Management – apples and oranges?
  • Water Mapping & Lifecycle Analysis
  • Water Stewardship Standards
  • Water Risk Management at the site level
  • Staff Awareness & Training
  • Water Metering, Monitoring & Visualisation
  • Funding mechanisms and supports
  • A Roadmap for Water Stewardship in Ireland

About Central Solutions and the EPA Large Water Users Community of Practice

The EPA-funded Community of Practice (COP) for Large Water Users is comprised of over 120 of the largest production and service facilities across Ireland along with key national stakeholders and development agencies with a focus on addressing the challenges of sustainable water management at their sites. The focus is large water users as a catalyst for change interms of water management practices along the supply chain and the collaborative development of specialised management tools and Water Stewardshipstandards. The membership is drawn from the Food & Beverage, ICT, Medtech and other key sectors.

The establishment, and ongoing operation of the initiative is managed by Central Solutions, a firm recognised internationally as a leader in the area of specialist water stewardship programmes.Central Solutions is Ireland’s only approved support partner for the EWS and AWS international standards, an approved Enterprise Ireland and IDA GreenPlus consultancy and is currently undertaking the development of a National Water Stewardship Roadmap for Industry and Agriculture in Ireland.

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A green freight programme for Ireland

How do ISO50001 certified companies select their transport providers?  ISO50001 requires suppliers to be energy efficient, how can energy managers differentiate transport suppliers within their procurement processes.

Facilitated by Conor Molloy

Aimed at companies who outsource their transport (goods in and out).


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